Thursday, September 30, 2010

Boobs and Bras: The Basics

Boobs are amazing.
They can feed babies, cushion blows, and even keep you (and someone else ;D) warm in the winter.
But no one has the exact same boobs as anyone else. Like stars and snowflakes, boobs are unique entites, and must be treated with reverance and respect.

Boobs: Breast tissue attached to the chest, designed to nuture children.

The reason your boobs and my boobs are different boils down to two factors:


1. If you are a man, our boobs will be different.
2. If you're a woman, chances are your breast tissue has been distributed differently than mine.
This could be because of your past, your family history, and how you treat your boobs.
How you treat your boobs relates directly to your bra.

Bras come in all shapes, sizes and styles.
There are demis, push ups, unlined, underwire, strapless, stick on, bandeau, wireless, padded, molded cup, etc.
We'll cover those later. ;D (Get it? Because you cover your boobs with your bras?)
The bra you buy will be the main factor in what happens to your boobs over time.

The most common type of bra is a molded cup underwire bra.
These are standard bras with a shaped cups for your boobs, generally about 1/16th of an inch thick, with a wire attached to the cup for support of the breast tissue.

Second most common is the underwire push up bra.
This bra also has a molded cup, but the bottom of the cup has more padding to it. Some brands of bra will also do a little bit of padding on the side to make the ultimate effect. Basically your boob will rest on top of the padding, or will kind of be wedged against it, snug as a bug, depending on brand or style.

That's all for now folks!
Booblogger out!


Let me properly introduce myself.

I am an American.

There's few things Americans love more than boobs, and those things are burgers, sex, and good old fashioned American patriotism.
So this blog is about boobs,
But it won't only be about boobs, sorry to disappoint. I plan to cover such other loveable topics like cupcakes, dinosaurs, barracudas, Chuck Norris, and other such topics.
So be prepared to be taken by surprise!
I would suggest you pack up your backpack with some cans of tuna, some clean undies and some liquid nitrogen.

Until next time.
Booblogger out.