Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Push Up Bras, The Greatest Lie Ever Told By Your Average Woman

Recently, Victoria's Secret and many other bra makers have started making something even more extreme then a push up bra, to replace tissues and socks and silicone inserts.
Traditionally, a push up bra adds a cup size, making you seem bigger, but these new bras can add two, or even three, cup sizes.
My real question is, why?
Just.... why?
Isn't the point of showing off your boobs (edit: occasionally) to get someone in bed? And isn't part of getting someone in bed through that process... getting nekkid?
And letting them see your real boobs? Which will have magically shrunk?
The only good thing I can see in these new push up bras are you can literally let someone punch you in the boob, and you will be totally fine. Also, you could just run into an attacker, breasts first, and knock them out. One time at work, I dropped one on my head, and it gave me a headache.
Maybe it's just because I have large breasts, but I can't see why we would need to mislead perfectly nice strangers into thinking we have bigger boobs then we do. You can trick someone with one cup, but two or three?
Come on.

(Edit, due to below comment. This post is due to my frustration with women who purchase these kinds of bras for the wrong reasons. Women who choose to wear these bras to ensnare men, and then express confusion with the mans reaction and confusion, with me while they purchase more of these kinds of bras, make me feel rather frustrated. The boobs you have are wonderful, and I just wish everyone could see that. Thank you, anon, I forgot to make that clear to my readers. =) )

Booblogger rant over.


  1. "Isn't the point of showing off your boobs to get someone in bed?"...

    Ummm... No? And if this is all you're showing off your boobs for, you're doing it wrong.

    I think that I'm against the ideology surrounding this post strictly because of some of the language used, as well as the over arching message. Many women use their boobs not as a sexual weapon, but as a source of self-confidence as well as simple aesthetic purposes. And as us ladies know, sometimes you need a certain amount of boob to fill out certain dresses. Bras that can add 2 or 3 cup sizes are fantastic in these cases because they allow for these types of dresses to be worn without you looking a mess because you don't have enough boob to fill it out. Also, if you don't have enough money for breast augmentation, these are perfect to help you feel good about yourself without the surgery. It isn't some deep trick of deception.

    And if you are using your boobs to get someone in bed, that's cool. But there are a plethora of other things you can use to get men in bed. They're simple and I'm sure they will probably not notice the difference. They'll just be happy they aren't going home alone and having to use the Xtube. Ya' feel me?

    <3 the blog. Just some thoughts.

    Small Breast Advocate

  2. I'm not trying to hate on small boobs. I'm just trying to say that I wish women were comfortable with their breasts, and didn't always feel that a push up bra is the solution. And agreed, it's not always to get someone in bed, but every woman I helped at work today was buying them to do just that, and I wished they could have just been happy with who they were, and the breasts they have.
    This post was just my way to express my frustration with tonight. >.<