Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Band vs. Cup, Are Your Boobs Big?

I get a lot of people that ask me if they have large breasts.
And it's a question that is actually kind of difficult to answer at this point in my life.
Especially after seeing the huge 164XXX breasts of Chelsea Charms, everyone looks, well, smaller.
But I've always kind of gone by what I call my chart of averages.
Now, the chart of averages is just what I use as a reference to let a girl know, speaking by logic, if she is average size in the bust.

And as you can see, the chart only goes from an A to a D, and a 32 to a 38.
That's because these are the most common sizes, and if you're any other kind of band, it's all kind of nonsense at that point.
So if you're a 32 D, you're large for your band size.
This is important to remember, because band size makes a difference.
Because if a 32 D is next to a 34D, the 34D will look larger.
I'll explain why this is the way it is in a later post.

But another important thing to remember is body shape is really important here too.
You may have a pear shape, which will cause your bust too appear smaller, or you may be hourglass, causing it to look larger.

So it's all pretty objective, but thsi is just a way to get a quick idea on your size, and where you fall.


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