Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bacon Friday, Bacon Bra 2.0

So who remembers the original bacon bra post?
Have you seen the new one?
Photo from blog.baconfreak.com
This is actually really cute.
I would wear this.
Here's an excerpt of the making of the bra:
"I asked my friend, Neely, to help me with the bra and we brainstormed a little. She found a recipe for bacon cups to put salads in, or something. So we followed that for the temperature and cooking times. The first attempt at the bacon bra was sort of a failure. I was clutching greasy, dripping bacon, holding it over my breasts, while she took a picture of me. I looked ridiculous. We sort of got the idea to weave the bacon but didn’t really implement it very well. For Bacon Bra 2.0 we knew we wanted to start by weaving bacon and cooking it longer since the inside was so soft and greasy the first time. We kind of had a pattern. Both times we took tin foil and put it over my breasts to make a mold. Then we rolled tin foil balls to put under the tin foil boobs because the bacon is pretty heavy. We cooked the bacon on that."

Click here to read the rest and see the making of the bra.
Also, new favorite blog.

Sorry this was late!


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