Friday, May 27, 2011

The Wine Rack, It Holds More Then Alcohol

You know those people who like to run on the mountains?
With the backpacks with tubes so they can drink from their water while they run, cause they're hardcore?
Well now they have one specifically for women. It's a sports bra that you can literally fill with alcohol.
Up to 25 ounces of alcohol.
Plus, it makes your boobs look bigger.
This magical product is called, if you will, "The Wine Rack".
BEST. PRODUCT. NAME. EVER. (Also, best product ever.)
And if you go to the bars, trying to seduce a man, you just pump your bra full of his favorite beverage, and let him drink from your bounty, so that he will become so intoxicated that he won't notice that your breasts are slowly deflating...
Plus, you can bring alcohol into all those places you aren't supposed to, like bars, church, your nephews birthday party...
This may be one of the best things I've ever seen in my whole life.
Thank you baby Jesus for inspiring someone to come up with this fabulous product, which I will soon purchase, and then go drunken running with.
Watch out y'all, now I really might knock someone out with my breasts, and that someone may be me, because I will be intoxicated.
Or you, because you will be in my way.


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