Thursday, May 5, 2011

Men In Bras, Brought on by Bath Salts?

There aren't a lot of reasons for your standard guy to be wearing a bra.
Unless, they're high on bath salts, and have stabbed a goat recently.

Or to be more specific, if you're Mark L. Thompson, 19, of Alum county of West Virginia.
Yeah, this guy was found just hanging out in his house, wearing ladies undergarments, with his neighbors dead goat, which he stabbed.
Cause he was high on bath salts.
I don't know what kind of bath salts those are, but I'm thinking maybe they should be illegal.

Also, look at this guy
Picture from Kanawha County Sheriff's Office
That guy.
Wearing girl undergarments.
Also, the goat was his neighbors present to her four year old granddaughter.
He's a real winner.

Look out for bath salt sniffing goat stabbers readers.
Be safe.

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  1. "Bath Salts" is the street name for synthetic MDPV and CFT - basically, it's a cocaine substitute.