Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Large Boobs

Large: Large C to DD

These breasts are big.
If the phrase more than a handful is a waste is true, girls, you're wasting some boob.
I don't think that phrase is true at all, just saying.
Large breasts are generally desired by society. Some women get lucky and have large breasts with some solid self support, but most of the time, they have a little bit of a fight with gravity. Most bras in this size are limited, with little push up and generally not as cute as a B.
They focus more on function rather than design, which is a bit sad because people want pretty bras.
These kind of bras will usually start having something called a "spa closure" on the back, with three of four hooks instead of the two most smaller cupped bras have.
Also, you might see wider straps. These are because larger breasts need a bit more support than smaller boobs, so we use our shoulders more. This can cause indentations in the shoulder if worn incorrectly.
These bras will also start showing up in more and more unmolded cups so as to use a fashion called a minimizer. These distribute breast tissue in a different fashion, to make your breasts look smaller, and not strain your shirt buttons.
As far as I'm concerned, girls in this size should never go without an underwire. Unless you like pancake breast. And if you do, go forth, my underwireless girls, and be brave!

A great bonus of large boobs is if you tuck something between them, generally, it's not going anywhere.
I once held five cell phones in my bra.
On a roller coaster.
That went upside down.
So what now?

Guys seems to dig large breasts
They can protect you
They have lots of support!
You can hide stuff in your bra.

Cute bras are hard to find
Insecurity for some women
Back problems and discomfort!
Lots of hooks

Best bra option for upsizing:
Lightly padded molded cup underwire bra

Best bra option for support:
Cushioned strap, spa back molded cup with underwire/non underwire

Best bra option for support and push up:
Cushioned strap with molded cup, lightly padded underwire

Best bra option for minimizer:
Underwire, unmolded cup

Best bra option for strapless:
Underwire, molded cup with very strong rubber on the wings or clear straps

If you're looking for any other bra suggestions for this size, let me know, and I'll add it in!

Booblogger outtie!

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