Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bras and Your Body

We just talked about body shape.
So why is this important to us, in the bra world?
I'll tell you.
Body shape has EVERYTHING to do with bras.
If you're tube shaped, usually you'll have strap problems, because you have skinny or narrow shoulders. Tube shapes often need a u back, or ballet back, bra to keep their straps on.

Hourglass shapes are often full  busted, meaning their band size and chest size may not make much sense. This is often where you see a small band, but a large chest. Bras for this size are hard to find and design, because you can't rely on the same structural integrity a normally proportioned bra has. (Size examples: 32 C, 32/34 D)

Apple shapes usually have incorrect measurements when they try to get fitted, because they slim as you progress down their body. So if an apple measures a 38 B, they might actually be a 36 B or C.

Pear shapes usually have the same problems are tube shapes, and need bras with special straps to keep them on.

This has been your peek into why your body type is important to know!
Stay tuned for later updates!

Booblogger out!

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