Sunday, October 3, 2010


How do you know what size your boobs are?
Should you guess?
Should just research your family history?
Should you just layer on 18 different bras until one looks ok?


Maybe the second one, but not the other two. Sometimes your family history can be an idicator, but sometimes you can be an outlier.
My family has never gone above a solid C or small D, but I'm a DD easily.

What you'll need to measure:
Your boobs
A tape measure
A bra that isn't a sports bra that feels like it fits the best out of all your bras.

Optional items:
A packet of Taco Bell hot sauce
A flower shaped pillow
A seat belt belt

The process:
1. Take the tape measure and lay it flat across your back, taking it under your arms above your breasts. DO NOT DO THIS TIGHTLY. Note that number: _____
(This is your band size)
2. Lower the tape measure so when you take the tape measure across the fullest point of the breast that it's a straight line. DO NOT DO THIS TIGHTLY. Note that number: ____
(This is your cup size)
3. If you subtract the number from step 1 from step 2, the number you get from that will explain your bra measurement.

1. 36
2. 38
3 36B

Each inch more measurement 2 is from measurement 1 is a cup size.

This is a starting point. A reference, A jumping off point.
You are Geronimo. These measurements are your rock.
At the bottom is your perfect bra size.

Once you measure and find that point, take an underwire molded cup non push up bra and test sizes.
When you find one that isn't tight, doesn't hurt and isn't overall suck, you've got it!
(That's a different guy, by the way)

Mind you, not every kind of bra will fit the same.
You should always try on a bra before you buy it if it's at all possible.
A demi cup may fit differently than a full coverage, which may be different from a push up.

So play around with it!
Find what fits right and looks good, and remember that you can always go to someplace that does fittings and get a double check on how your bra looks!

Booblogger outtie!

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