Sunday, October 3, 2010

Small Boobs

To make this easier, I'm going to do some sterotyping.
Which by the way, typing with a stereo is not very easy.
On to the catergorizing!
For our purposes, we will define small boobs as: AA, A, and sometimes B.
A double is basically the smallest boobs possible are a AA, where the tape measure under the arms is the same as the bust measurement.
Small boobs are good because they have a natural lift and perkiness to them. Women with smaller breast are lucky because quite often, they can get away with not wearing a bra.
But the problem with small breasts is some women don't like them. Most women try to make their breasts look bigger by utilizing a push up bra.
95% of the push up bras you will find will be underwire, but there are a few non underwire bras with some push up tp them.
A small boob will generally sit quite high on the chest, and you'll notice that most small cupped bras have a cup that's mostly padding with just a little area at the top for the breast to rest in.
Generally the pdding is like rocks, so small breasted girls, these can double as a boost, and a self defense weapon. Versatile!
Often, small breasted girls have... uhm... active nipples.
Meaning, you're going to see their nipples. Even if it isn't cold.
So sometimes that's a little weird.

So to summarize:

Less need of a bra
Bras are also weapons!

Sometimes a confidence drain
Sometimes they have stabby nipples

Best bra option for up sizing:
Underwire maximum padded molded cup bra

Best bra option for support:
Underwire molded/unmolded

Best option between support and push up:
Underwire molded cup with medium push up.

That's all I can tell you girlies, but my breasts don't fit in this catergory, so I'm gonna work on getting a guest writer to add a part two later!

Booblogger out.

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