Friday, October 1, 2010

The Nobel Peace Prize

Time for our first "And More" section
Alfred Nobel was pretty much a bad ass Swedish dude.
When most countries was on the rise, he contributed to society his expertise in the field of long range explosives.
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He blew shit up, and he was good at it.
He basically sped up the process of building and leveling, with dynamite and other stuff that goes boom in the night.
But not everyone thought he was so great.
Alfred Nobel was in France on April 13th, 1888.
The day he died.
Only not really. His brother Ludwig had died, and newspapers had mixed them up.
But he got to read his own obituary, and found it not quite to his liking.
The newspaper reflected all of the negative views, the quotes of everyone saying he had created the arms race, escalated weapons beyond belief and was, in general, a monster.
So, in an effort to execute some spin control, Alfred Nobel used his wealth to create many prizes in the several various areas, including peace.
Leaving us with the amazing, the wonderful, the peaceful, Nobel Peace Prize.

Food for thought, yes?
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