Tuesday, October 12, 2010


What exactly is shapewear?
Shapewear is a garment, which is worn under normal clothes, that enhances your body.
To make this very clear, shapewear does not change the shape of your body, it only enhances what you already have.

Shapewear usually comes in three kinds of holds

Has a weave that allows for a little bit more natural enhancing
Is the most comfortable of shapewear options.
Smooth, and shapes
Thin and usually seamless

Has a weave that is between comfort and enhancement
Smooths and shapes
Also lifts and tones

Tightest weave of all shapewear
Least comfortable
Compresses or molds
Occasionally involves strong seams and boning

Most shapewear is not an everyday buy. It's generally for a special occasion, but it's becoming more and more common for a light shapewear to be worn everyday.
This sort of thing ages way back. Think corsets and garters. Women have always wanted to look their best, and shapewear can help you do that.
New developments in shapewear are the new fabrics, which are lightweight, stretchy microfibers
This means the fabric will be very smooth, and any fabric worn over it will lay perfectly.
The other development is laser cut edges, making the fit and lay of shapewear more perfect than ever before.

Types of Shapewear-Targeted Area

Brief-Stomach and Bottom
Shaped like a panty
Comes in all ranges of control
Everyday or special occasion

Waist Slimmer-Waist
Shapes and defines waist

High Waisted Brief-Waist, Stomach and Bottom
Smooths, shapes and compresses
Defines waist
Perfect under dresses

Thigh Slimmer-Stomach Thighs and Bottom
High Waisted Thigh Slimmer-Waist, Thighs, Stomach and Bottom
Shaping Camisole-Midriff, Back and Waist
Torsette-Midriff, Back and Waist
Singlet-Midriff and Waist
Body Briefer-Total Body Management

Those pretty much explain themselves.
So go forth my students into the world of shapewear! More on body shapes in my next post!

Booblogger out!

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