Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sleep, Sport and Leisure Bras

I like to sleep.
And I like to be leisurely.
And I sort of like sports.
But sometimes my boobs don't.
Some women find sleeping or playing sports without a bra uncomfortable. But it's very important to not have an underwire bra involved in these activities.
Why? Underwire is meant for support when you're vertical and not overly active.
When you jump up and down, or make your breasts bounce, underwire can cut into your breasts and cause discomfort. When you're sleeping, your breasts distribute differently than they do when you're standing up.
A bra without underwire provides different support when you're sleeping.
These bras are all basically the same thing.
They are usually strong strapped, non underwire, unmolded cup bras.
They should cover the breast entirely, provided room for the breasts to move and feel comfortable.
These bras are not meant to be worn for very long. They are for short periods when an underwire bra would not work for your purposes.

Sometimes, if you have bigger breasts, these bras will have a racer back.

Racerback: An alternate kind of strap that connects to the back, goes straight up the middle of the back and goes into separate straps over the shoulder. They provide very strong support for your bouncing boobies.

So support your breasts the right way! When you're not following normal day activities, or a bra with underwire is uncomfortable, you should wear a sleep/sport/leisure bra.
Treat your breasts right!!!

Booblogger out!


  1. but what if the sleep/leisure bras dont come in your size??

  2. That's when you have to start looking online!
    The internet is a busty girls best friend. I have no sites I can personally recommend at this time, but I'll try to look around!