Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The iLoo

On April 30, 2003 Microsoft (UK division) announced that they would be releasing what they called an iLoo at music festivals in the summer of 03.
For our friends who don't know British slang, that's iPotty.
This fancy dancy potty would include:
~Wireless keyboard
~A height adjustable flat plasma screen
~A six channel surround sound speaker system under the sink
~Broadband internet access
~Toilet paper with url suggestions printed on it
~A toilet equipped with vacuum suction
You know, for any discrepencies in your aim.
But let's think about this.
Music festivals+beer+drunk people+toilets+technology=?
I'm guessing something awful.
Like, isn't someone going to throw up on the speaker system? Or pee on the keyboard?
God only knows what would go on in there, and no one else wants to know.
God doesn't want to know.
Microsoft said they would have a security guard and cleaner standing watch over the precious potty, to ensure cleanliness and sanity.
I don't think anyone from Microsoft has actually been to a music festival, or they would have understood how awful this idea is.
When the media went into a frenzy with questions, and emotions ran high, Microsoft announced the product was a hoax.
Which is funny because:
A. It was after April 1st
B. Miscrosoft had never had a hoax product before (Unlike many other companies)
C. This was two weeks after the products debute

The next day, they announced that it wasn't a hoax.
Microsoft was being a teensy bit confusing. They finally admitted the product has been under serious development, and the team had worked really hard.

But I guess headquarters shut it down.
And I mean, it's kind of hard to disagree with that decision.

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