Thursday, October 7, 2010

Very Extremely Extra Large Breasts

Anything above a DD is a Very Extremely Extra Large Breast. (VEELB for our purposes)
While these cupsizes can be one hundred percent natural, sometimes they're not. One great joy of my job is showing someone who recently went from a 36 C to a 36 DDD via surgery that all their bra options are now quite unattractive.
I'm not very pro boob job, in case you're wondering, but I respect the decision.
Breasts this size tend to come with a bigger band size, and very restricted bra type.
We're talking bras with four to five hook eye closures, strong padded straps, and very limited underwire.
"But you said underwire is GOOD for support!"
These are sizes that need a new kind of support, often seen as an "M" style wireless unmolded bra.
They're generally for women who have aged a bit, and put on some weight all over, and in their cups.
They need the strong M shape to keep everything under control, and comfortable.

Recommended bras:
Underwire, strong strap, non molded cup bra with a minimizer
M frame bra with strong padded strap and no wire or molded cup.

These bras need a lot more personalization, so if you have any questions on these, let me know, so I can add more stuff in.

Booblogger out!

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