Thursday, April 28, 2011

Boobs Crushing Cans?
Ok, I can hold a lot of things with my boobs.
Like a small chihuahua puppy, a can of coke, a few books.
But could I crush a beer can with them?

In case you've ever wondered, Spike tv's show Manswers has a wonderful clip on it.
(Also, if you've ever wanted to watch a few chicks high five a beer can with their boobs, this is the way to see it.)

Spoiler, they need to be HHHUGE.
Another spoiler, there's a physicist, so it's like two things I love coming together.
Boobs+Physics= <3

Also, Spike is lame, and doesn't host this video on youtube.
But click here if you want to watch the magic happen.


  1. I can't believe I just watched that mind-numbing video.

  2. wow. I can't believe how many sites have this pic now... I took this in 2008

  3. More pics, or it didn't happen.