Thursday, April 21, 2011

All Grown Up... And Inflatable?

How I haven't blogged about this yet, I don't really know.
Miley Cyrus has her own love doll.
Not by her choice (or so she says!), and produced by Pipedream Products, which also produces a Snooki love doll and a Beyonce love doll.

The doll was completely sold out in the first 48 hours, and the star has threatened to sue, but it's still on the market. The company hasn't even received a cease and desist letter, which means, Miley may be milking (HAHAHA INNUENDO) this for all the publicity.

GASP. NO! AMERICA'S SWEETHEART? (Whose dolls description is "She's had years of practice speaking into the mic, and now she's ready for yours. just add air and this teen-queen pole-dancing princess comes of age right before your own eyes!")
The doll also features
Wow. I don't really have words for this. The only thing better then the product, are the Amazon reviews.

Most of you don't want to have this on your web history, so let me post some of my favorites in a later post, so that those of you who don't want to read them, don't have to.
Just wow.

Booblogger is amazed.
  • "Three lonely love holes aching for a good ole' down-home dicking.

  • She's the perfect companion to fulfill all of your sexual fantasies.

  • Inflatable!"
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