Monday, April 11, 2011

Bra Unhooking... The Contest?

Question, how fast could you unclasp the bras of 8 women?
Current record? 21 seconds.

How do I know this? I promise I'm not chasing women down and unclasping their bras with a timer in my other hand, but a few Asian men may be.

May 8th of last year, the Guangzhou mall in China hosted a contest to see how fast the bras of 8 masked women could be unclasped. The winner was a female, of course, as men seem to be completely confounded by the workings of bra.
Here is one particular Asian man trying his hand at it, and looking quite... Well, I have no words for that facial expression.

The winner left with a gift certificate for 1000 yuan, which is about $146 bucks. Not bad, because even if you lose, you win.

Also, hopefully the guys can learn a little bit more about the magical bra, and how to remove it.

Nutty Asians and there love of boobs. I mean, who remembers the chinese boob clamp? Maybe that's why I'm so obsessed with breasts, what with being a quarter Asian.

Would you compete? Thoughts?

Booblogger out!

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