Friday, October 28, 2011

Youtube Has a Manboob Controversy

Remember my post about the buy who murdered his neighbor over his manboobs?

Pretty crazy stuff.

Anyhow, Youtube employees are in the middle of an incredibly long debate, trying to figure out if manboobs (also known asgynecomastia) should be age restricted on Youtube. Apparently this is a pretty popular video category.
Picture from Yup, that's a real website.
Basically, they don't allow full nudity, but partial and non sexual nudity is allowed, and no one can quite seem to decide where the line falls for man boobs.

Victoria Grand, the Youtube director for global communications and policy has said that, "Literally, these are the things that we debate ferociously to the point that we don't sleep at night."

Seriously? You argue about manboobs until you can't sleep?
I can't sleep just thinking about them, let alone argue.

Apparently the videos of manboobs will have to be evaluated on a case by case basis, and I don't envy whoever has that job.

Bet they wished they worked at Disneyland instead.

You can read more about the debate by clicking here.
Should manboobs be restricted content?


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  1. They need to restrict it so that we can't accidentally stumble accross it and have to see it.