Friday, October 7, 2011

Sharon Osbourne, She Had Leaking Implants.

Remember my post on how that girl in London got shot with a paintball, and her implant exploded?
Well, apparently something similar happened to Sharon Osbourne, but without the paintball.

Sharon reports that one morning she woke up and found one of her breasts to be different from the other.

After seeing a doctor, it was discovered that her implant had leaked. Some of the silicone from the implant had even gotten into her stomach wall, which, as you might guess, isn't super great health wise. 
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She has now had both implants removed, and says she is happy to be all natural again, and will apparently not miss the feeling of waterbeds floating on her chest.

Maybe she should have taken out some breast insurance to cover the costs.
As long as she's happy!


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