Friday, October 28, 2011

Hotel Covered in Bras to Support Breast Cancer Research

I like Ben Folds on Facebook, and they recently participated in this thing called Cellphone snap of the day, where someone basically jacks an artists cellphone, and post the coolest picture on it.

And Ben Folds picture was of a bunch of bras hanging off a hotel. 

Picture from
That's pretty much awesome.

Ben is quoted to have said, "That was a hotel somewhere that was promoting a charity for breast cancer. Everyone in town had donated bras and the patchwork covered two faces of the hotel!”

I wonder how tall it was, because even a short hotel covered in bras? Even just two sides? That's a lot of bras.
Now I want to go cover my apartment building with bras.

BRB, stealing bras from girls on campus.


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