Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bra Trick Makes a School Official Resign

Russell FitzGerald is the Chairman of the School Board in Massachusetts for 11 years. That changed quickly after he tried to practice his amateur magic on a fellow board member.
More specifically, a magic trick that made it appear as if he had removed her bra. 

Now, this might not have been a super big deal, these people have known each other for a while, and that's a pretty cool trick.

But this particular meeting was televised.

And instead of laughing, or applause, everyone was just really quiet.

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Mr. FitzGerald, who is pictured above, with his cute cat, has said in interviews that the reaction from the trick was a factor in his resignation, and I think that's kind of sad.

People need to be educated about bra removal, so they don't break fingers.
We should applaud this man! He's got it figured out!

A man who can actually remove a bra. That's real magic.


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  1. "A man who can actually remove a bra. That's real magic."