Tuesday, August 23, 2011

London Man Breaks Finger Trying To Remove Bra

Let's just face it. Most guys suck absolute face at removing bras competently.
Mostly because they get caught up in the moment and just start twisting the absolute junk out of the clasp in the hopes that it will either break, or the girl will get frustrated and take care of it herself.


But apparently a London man took this failure to whole new level, and was actually admitted to a hospital after breaking his finger trying to remove his lady friends bra.

'"He caught his left middle finger between the double straps that extended inferiorly from the acromion to the left breast, and in so doing, sustained a force ulnar abduction rotatory injury of the proximal interphalangeal joint." A reconstructive surgeon told the UK Daily Mail this is the type of injury "more commonly associated with sport, particularly rock climbing."'

Rock climbing? Sports? Wow. You sir, absolutely fail.

The Journal said surveys show that 40% of men aged 30-40 have similar trouble removing bras, and could likely end up in the same situation.

The average amount of time it takes for a man to remove a bra using both hands is about 27 seconds. Men who are right handed removing a bra with their left hand average 58. But the guy with high score? 20 minutes.


I just... I don't even.
Please men, for your own sake, find an open minded lady and let her teach you how to take a bra off. Every woman you meet in the future romantically, or in a way that you need to remove her bra for, will thank you.

Off to go teach some college kids how it's done!

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