Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Barbells For Boobs, Crossfit Fights Cancer

Picture from bigmike-smokeout.blogspot.com

So who of my lovely readers has heard of Crossfit?

For those of you who haven't, you can easily define it as a super intensive, mildly insane workout.

Anyways, a Tuscon gym hosted the Barbells for boobs fundraiser, to raise money for women in southern Arizona who can't afford to get a mammogram.

""There's a lot of women out there who can't afford a mammogram; maybe their doctor is saying you don't need to get one. It's every woman's choice. Nobody should have to live with the anxiety of 'oh gosh is that something'," breast cancer survivor Molly Davis said."

"Around 100 people will be doing what's called a "Helen Meets Grace" workout.  That's a 400-yard run around the gym, dozens of kettle bell swings, pull ups, and as many clean an jerks as they can manage."

Uhm, no thank you, I will just give you some money instead. Also, what is a clean an jerk? Shouldn't it be a jerk an clean? (HAHAHA, I crack myself up.)

Last year, in crossfit gyms across the country, they raised over $300,000 during the Barbells for Boobs fundraiser. If they used the girl up top as a spokesperson, I bet they would make a lot more. Just saying.

Off to go hit the weights!

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