Friday, August 26, 2011

The Best Part of Waking Up, Coffee and a Striptease?

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Some would say yes, undercover police officers say no.

Java Juggs is a little coffee hut in South Everett, Washington.
And if you're a paying customer, you may get a little more then coffee added to your morning routine. Because this little coffee stand also has a stripper pole inside it.

Police have been keeping an eye on the stand for a while because of customers complaining that the baristas were exposing themselves to them.
And during an undercover investigation, they found the allegations to be entirely true. One officer was asked if he was "a naughty boy" and when he said yes, he was told to wait in his car on the other side, and in a few minutes, was treated to a strip tease, accompanied by music.


Now look, I have no problem with strippers, or stripper poles, or the what have you.
For goodness sake, there's a stripper pole in my apartment right now.
But ladies, try to at least keep it under wraps! Know your clientele!

Anyhow, the shop has been closed down, and the owner has been arrested for prostitution, and permitting prostitution, and six of her baristas have charges for lewd behavior.

Click here to read the article and watch the two totally worthwhile videos.
That certainly woke me up!


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