Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Ultimo Side Cleavage Bra

So who remembers the super awesome frontless bra?
And the girls on the rollercoaster?

Well, Ultimo, the wonderful company who brought us both those things, has brought us the ultimate (HAHAHA) solution for perfect side boob, with support.
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Ta-da! Presenting the side cleavage bra! Probably one of the skimpiest, most supportive bras on the planet, it boasts a cup that is about 40% smaller then other bras, convertible straps, narrow cups, and a floating underwire.

Meaning, perfect side cleavage, and great support.
Which is great, if you love showing some side boob.

The sizes are currently pretty limited, with a 32-36 A-D size range, but maybe they'll branch out.

Off to go scour the internet for more wonderful bra inventions!


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