Saturday, August 13, 2011

1000 Ways To Die: Zapped Rack

Also known as Cardiac-A-Breast, this segment shows a young lady on her way to party, hoping to ensnare a man. Her trap?
A metal lined bra.
And I don't mean a bra with an underwire. I mean a bra that appears to have metal reinforcement throughout the whole thing, kind of like boning in a corset.
Now, metal bras aren't that uncommon. They're really more of a cosplay, or reneissance fair sort of garment though.

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Anyways, stop staring at her boobs, I'm trying to tell you a story.
So she gets to this party, and her bra is helping to make her the center of attention.
And then it starts to rain.
And she jumps at the opportunity to show herself off a little more, and starts to dance in the rain.

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 Well, I'm guessing Zeus didn't approve, because suddenly, from the sky, came a bolt of lightning.
Striking her in the bra.

As you might imagine, she was not in super great shape after that. The strike killed her instantly, and pretty much put an end to any date she may have had that night.

Moral of the story? If you're gonna dance in the rain, take your bra off first.

Booblogger out.

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