Saturday, August 13, 2011

Why I Personally Don't Trust The Ah Bra or Genie Bra

I've been seeing the commercials for these bras all over the place.
And I have to tell you that I have my doubts about how effective something like this can be.
As someone who is rather large busted, I have found that bras with underwire are the kind of bras that will give you the best kind of lift.
But these bras have no back hooks.
No underwire.
No adjustable straps.
The Genie bra goes by band size exclusively, the Ah bra goes by small-medium-large, which I find largely unspecific in both cases. And what if you have a long torso, and your breasts are a little further down and the straps don't fit quite right, because they're too short? What if you're a large band small cup? The cups will wrinkle!

I guess I understand the idea. It looks like a basic Santoni weave around the band area, with a lighter Santoni weave for the cups, which I could understand for a sports bra. The place where the two different strengths of weaves meet could work similarly to an underwire for a short amount of time, but every day? All day?

I just feel that can't work. And if it does, I feel like it won't work for very long.
I guess I can't knock it till I try it, but I don't feel particularly driven to go buy something I feel won't work.
Also, every ad where you really see the bra, it's usually worn by a smaller girl, and that would obviously work for someone that size.

Any insight on this?
Any readers who own one of these "magic" bras?


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