Sunday, August 14, 2011

Britney Spears, I Want Even Breasts!

It's fairly normal to have some changes in breast size, shape, and etc. after having a baby.
And apparently, stars like Britney Spears aren't immune to such natural changes, but they do have the money to take care of it with fancy surgeries.
Britney Spears father, who is now in charge of her finances, will apparently give her the over $16,000 for the surgery provided she meets with a psychologist to ensure that she is in the right state of mind.

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My boobs look like what?

Apparently since the birth of her two children, Britney has noticed that her left boob hangs lower then her right.
A source close to Britney is quoted to have said, "It's been bothering her for a while, especially since she saw pictures of herself with no bra and felt it was fairly noticeable. She said she doesn't care what other people think so much but it's something she'd like to change. She said if she looks better on the outside then she feels better inside."

No word on when the surgery is planned to occur, or if Britney has passed the psychologists examination, but she's on the road towards the quest of perfectly even breasts.

Good luck Britney!

And leave Britney alone!
Also, I can't find any picture evidence of her lopsided breasts, but anyone who does, please share!

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