Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lady GaGa Takes It Off to Promote MTV VMA's 2011

I am in general a fan of Lady GaGa. If I have to hear Judas one more time, I may strangle a helpless DJ with his own headphone cords, but that's not the point.

And she is apparently a fan of taking off her bra while playing piano. You have to give her props for multitasking.

In a video promotion of MTV's 2011 VMA's, Lady GaGa performs a jazzy, burlesque version of You & I, and in the middle of it, takes off her bra.

And if there are three things I can be a fan of in this situtation, it's Lady GaGa, pianos, and being topless.
Also, fourth, multitasking.

Is there anything she can't do if a piano is involved? I've watched her play a piano with her shoes.

I've also watched her fall off the bench while playing the piano with her shoes, and keep singing.
The woman is a rockstar.

Thoughts on getting naked for music?

Off to go learn how to play piano with my boobs.
Booblogger out!

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