Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hitler, Now With More Breast Tissue

Here's what it would have looked like:
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Just kidding, that's messed up. 

So, I like to use the internet to try and find you, my lovely readers, fancy new stories.
And today, I found a real knock out one.
Apparently, one strategy found among the many created by the Brits to bring Hitler down was to lace his food with, not poison, but estrogen.

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The plan was to “make him less aggressive and more like his docile younger sister Paula, who worked as a secretary.”

Apparently estrogen was an easy choice because it was tasteless, and relatively slow with bringing forth results, so it wouldn't be detected by the leader or his food testers.

I mean, this is a pretty inspired plan. I want to know what military member presented this as a plan. And, I want to know why it was never used.

If they had used the estrogen used in sex-reassignment therapy, " Hitler may have eventually noticed that he was growing breasts, that his nipples and areolae were enlarging, and his body-fat redistributing to be more feminine. In addition, his singular testicle would have likely started to shrivel (he only had one—look it up) and much of his body hair would have fallen out."

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Which would have been pretty interesting, considering Hitler didn't exactly love homosexuals, or the transgendered.

Someone build me a time machine. It's time to change history (And Hitler!)

Booblogger out.

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