Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Frontless Bra

 I love v neck shirts. They're like clothing makers gift to women with breasts, and gift to men who love looking at them.
But I hate the ones that are really deep, like down to my belly button.
Like, hi. I have breasts.
And they, uh, don't really cooperate with being unrestrained very well.
But Ultimo has a solution for my problem.
Ultimo, the same people who gave us the lovely video of chicks in bras on a rollercoaster, has what they call a frontless bra. It's basically like a demi bra tilted to make more of a v, and less of an m, and looks like it comes with a clear, or at least jazzy looking fastener between the lady lumps.
Picture from Ultimo.co.uk
This bra goes all the way to a G cup.
And is awesome. Just so you know.
Now you can properly run around in a crazy deep v neck blouse, showing of your lady bits without worry for their escape!
Sorry, this is just so awesome. As far as I can tell, Ultimo is the one manufacturer with a bra like this, so if you want one, click here and check them out. If not, the zoom they have on the website is worth checking out, just because it is truly quality.
Now to buy on of those stupid "v points to vagina" shirts without fear!


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