Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bra Fitting and Buying, Made Easy

Getting fitted can suck. But only because people let it suck.
So here, my lovelies, is a quick guide to making the process painless.
If you want to skip the actual getting fitted, read this, and continue following the steps.

1. Know what kind of bra you want, or at least what needs you have to fulfill.

This step is important, because if you don't have an idea, the specialist won't know what to reccommend. Well, they will, but they won't know what kind you personally would like.

2. Wear a bra you've always liked, but not a sports bra.

This will give the specialist a more specific picture of what you like to wear, and what kind bra you've been wearing. And even if you like sports bras, don't wear one to a fitting. A sports bra will compress your breast tissue, and make measuring difficult.

3. Be prepared for the cold hard truth.

Getting measured is painless, but not neccessarily fun. And what the specialist may tell you, may not be what you want to hear. And you're gonna have to put on your big girl panties, and get over it. You've had your boobs your whole life, but these people are professesionals.

4. Listen to suggesions.

Like I said before, these people know things. Things about breasts. So try to listen to what they say. Listen to what they're telling you about needs as far as size and style go.

5. Try things on.

When they give you suggestions, try them out. They say underwire, you try on some underwire. They say molded cup, you try on molded cup. Make sure you have lots of time so you can try them on.

6. Leave happy.

Don't make this suck anymore then it has to, and try not to make the process painful. Once you're properly sized and advised, buying, and wearing, bras will become a much better experience.

(A few places you can get fitted in the US:
JC Penney
Victoria Secret
Lane Bryant)

Love you all!
Now go forth, and be fitted!


  1. I think getting a second opinion is always a good idea. Once when getting fitted for new bras, I went to two different Lane Bryant locations. At the first the lady measuring me told me I was 50 DD (at the time of measurement I was wearing a 40 DDD), resulting in cups too small and a ridiculously large band. The second one I went to measured me as between a 40 and 42 F, and that definitely fit much better.

  2. Yeah, it's always helpful to double check, and measuring at home is always good. And the tape measure is really just a starting point, what really matters is if the bra fits well, and looks good.