Monday, October 10, 2011

Woman Saved From Death By...Implants?

You all know I'm not super pro breast implants, especially after hearing about how they can apparently start leaking for no reason, or explode if someone shoots them with a paintball gun.
But if these things are gonna save lives, that's another story.

You all remember my posts about the weird bulletproof bras, and the under wire that saved a woman's life, and even the emergency bra, and I never thought a day would come when I would add implants to the list of potential life saving devices.

But today, is that day.

Apparently some woman in Moscow was stabbed by her husband, and if her silicone implants hadn't stopped the knife, she could have died.
Funny note here, her husband had requested she get the boob job five years ago.
Anyhow, the implants were larger enough to stop the knife, and have her walk away basically injury free. She's already had the implant replaced. 

What a trooper.

I'm not saying you should all go get implants, in case your husband decides to stab you, and if you already have them, don't go start fights with strangers to see if this works.
I think you should all just buy bra holsters, and be safe.


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