Monday, October 17, 2011

Busting Out! The Musical

I love musicals. 
Seriously, take me a musical, and I become a four year old in terms of excitement.
Now, add in boobs.

Seriously, do it.

If you're uncomfortable with that, it's fine. Because some ladies have already done it.
Busting Out! is a new musical all about, you guessed it, boobs.
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This isn't a show with girls like Victoria Secret models, these are real woman, in a musical about boobs, and all the fun aspects of not perfect breasts. The musical features a bra fitter, boob manipulation tricks, a shadow puppet sequence and audience participation. (Not sure what kind of audience participation, but I want to find out.)

"It's not a sexual show," says Powell, a 43-year-old Australian actress. "Put it this way: I've been doing this show for five years and I still haven't gotten a date."

If you want to read more about the musicals start, click here. It has something to do with "The Sound Of One Tit Clapping".
Yeah, it's gold.


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