Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Largest Breasts In The World

And no, they're not mine.

Porn star, Chelsea Charms had reportedly the biggest boobs in the world, clocking in at 164XXX (HAHAHAHA, sorry).
Apparently when she got some polypropylene string (which is no longer a legal form of breast augmentation), which is used to make packaging by the way, inserted into her breasts on her third boob job, and it had a reaction.
A reaction that causes her boobs to increase by an inch a month.
That's at least a cup size increase a month.
That can't be healthy.
Phillip Schofield from the "This Morning" show with Chelsea Charms
Phillip Schofield wrote online, "The lady with the mahooooosive boobs has arrived! Everyone trying to keep their eyes up... and failing." (Watch the show here.)

I mean, you can't just ignore that. It's like a scar, or a missing arm. Like if she turns too fast and hits you, you might be in danger. Serious danger.
How does she get through small door ways? How does she eat?
"Chelsea did admit to Pip and Ruth Langsford that she does struggle, particularly squeezing into aeroplane toilets. She also admitted 'Itsy and Bitsy' as she lovingly calls them, often prove a bit of an obstruction and she has trouble reaching the dinner table over them."
Itsy and Bitsy my pants loving ass.
I'm terrified of this.
Me neither.
Here are some more pictures.
Also, do not google this with filter off. Ever.

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Also, why the tank?


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