Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bras: The Beginning

The first bra, the modern kind we wear now, wasn't patented until 1913, when it was invented by a woman named Mary Phelps Jacob. Before then, corsets were the main support a woman was able to use as an undergarment. Thanks to Mary Phelps Jacob, two silk handkercheifs and a silk ribbon, we now have modern bras. She eventually sold the patent to Warners, after running her own "brassiere" (An old French word meaning "upper arm") business, Caresse Crosby, for $1,500.
In a mere 30 years, the company made over fifteen million dollars from the patent.
Good investment? I think yes.

Warners is still a top producer of bras, known for their non-underwire as well as underwire bras, for the average cup and band size.

That's all for now!
Next we'll talk about the famous Wonderbra, or the history before bras!

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