Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Goddess of Breasts

Today I decided it was important to know if the Greek's had a god of breasts, or boobs.
So, logically, and in a fashion sure to be 100% accurate, I googled it.

Two are clearly coming up thus far in my search, those being Hera and Aphrodite.
Hera makes sense, because she was all like, hey, fertility and babies that I'll end up hating because my husband can't keep his hands to himself!
And Aphrodite is all beautiful and seducing the men and crap, with them boobs of hers, even though she chose to marry the guy who smelled like iron and limped everywhere, but hey. Her choice.

But the one that surprised me was Artemis (Diana).
Apparently, she has like, 20 boobs. Look.
She makes a little bit of sense because she's supposed to be the nourishing, loving one, but she's also like, a virgin, and naive, so does she even know what her booooooooooobs do?

Though, if you google God of breasts, this pops up, and it looks like of reliable, except for it's hosted on Wikipedia. And we all know about Wikipedia.

If you had to choose a god/goddess of breasts, who would it be?
My vote is on Salma Hayek.
I mean, hello.
Booblogger approves.


  1. what about the oh so famous Katy Perry, I mean...come on. I may not like her, but she has some fabulous ta-tas. Also, Anne Hathaway (whom I love) also packs a powerful punch with her bodascious bosom. haha ahhh gotta love those alliterations

  2. Oh alliteration.
    I do admire hers, but with "Firework", I worry maybe she's shooting too much fire from them, like Lady Gaga.