Thursday, April 18, 2013

Holly Hagan, Flipping Implants

Remember all my posts about implants and how I don't really like them?
I mean, what with the exploding implants, not just once, but twice?
And the random leaking?
And all sort sof other ones?
Yeah, I think you remember now.
Anyhow, on to my point.

Holly Hagan from Geordie Shore (Jersey Shore knockoff? I don't know, if I wanted to watch orange people, I will watch Willy Wonka, thanks.) had her implants flip around.
Inside her boobs.


Picture from

This is Holly by the way, looking relatively cheering, considering just a short while ago she was quoted as saying, "My nipples were pointing to the floor. I had the boobs of a 90-year-old woman – I’ve seen grannies with better boobs than I had!"

Uhm, one.

Why are you checking out old lady boobs?
I call fetish.

Apparently the implants moved around because she lost weight, which I didn't know really happened, but apparently it does.
Here's a quote about what that was like. (NOT FOR THE WEAK STOMACHED WITH A GOOD VISUAL IMAGINATION)

"I remember being in the shower and because there was so much saggy skin the implant could move around. It was flipping inside of me and turned back to front. It was scary. I was like: ‘What the hell’s happened? I eventually managed to flip the implant back round by myself, but I was too scared to touch them or do anything. I was petrified."

That's freaking terrifying.
So I hope I've talked someone out of a boob job, other then my roommate. 
Your boobs are wonderful, and if you think they look like old lady boobs, ditching your bra SUPPOSEDLY helps.
I'm still skeptical.


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