Sunday, July 10, 2011

Woman Goes to Court With Monkey in Bra

In March of this year, some lady decided it was a good idea to go to her hearing in Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court with a monkey in her bra.
Let me give you a little more detail on this.
This was in rural Virginia.
The monkey was in a dress. A pink and white dress.
The monkey was 7 weeks old, and palm sized.

This is said monkey.
Picture from

Now, I put a lot of things in my bra.
And while I have held a puppy with my breasts, but... a monkey?
A little thing that has genetic similarities to me?
And can pinch?
Thank you, no.
By the way, here's this super cute puppy I was holding with my boobs.
Also, I don't think bringing a monkey to court is gonna make your hearing go any better.
Just saying.


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