Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Haboob, It's Happening

So for all of my Arizona readers, you're probably hearing all about the epic dust storm that is rolling in, taking the place that nice rain other states would normally fill. I've heard it's called a "monsoon", but what do I know?
But Arizona?
We're special.
We get a "haboob".
"Haboob (from Arabic هبوب) n. an intense sandstorm typically observed in the arid regions of the world."
It has the word boob in it.
At least it's not an intense boob storm.

Well, actually...

Just saying, that might not be that bad.

Then it would really be a haboob!

"Help! It's raining tits! And not the birds!"

Picture from Fotopedia.com
Also, this is what a boob storm would be like:

Picture from Myspace.com
 Haha, her friend  (read, victim) does not look happy. Also, pointy nipples much?

Anyways, Arizona readers, keep your boobs safe from the epic sandstorm. That stuff does not belong in your bra.


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