Friday, July 1, 2011

Australia Bans Small Breasts

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So apparently sometime last year, Australia put a ban on small breasted women appearing in adult productions, in an effort to keep creepers from living out their creepy pedophile fantasies through the images.

Now, I feel like this is one of those good intentions played out wrong.

I mean, women over the age of eighteen can still have small boobs, and think of all the adult film stars you just put of business. Also, how do you even qulaify small? Like, I generally consider a 32 B a small size, but it's a B cup, not an A.

They also decided that female ejaculation is also a no no because it's a "form of urination" and that's not allowed.

Australia, I think you're a little wonky on this on. The expression more than a handful is a waste is just an expression!
Just saying.


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