Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Forgive Me Father

For I have sinned.

I became a certified bra fitter in August of last year.
I became an expert shortly after, because I happen to be really awesome at boob related things.
And I made myself this promise, as a professional, and expert, a connoisseur of breasts and bras, if you may:
I will never again buy a bra that does not fit simply because I like it.

We've all done it. Sometimes people call it motivational shopping, you buy a size smaller because you're going to lose weight, it'll fit eventually.
And sometimes it does! But generally? For your Ordinary Olivia? That's not the case.
It just sits in your closet, looking pretty, and untouched.

The day I became certified I went through my closet and put all those bras that didn't fit in a box, and gave them to my family, or friends, or yard sale boxes.

But last week I found myself, sitting in my room, packing for my San Diego trip and I realized:
I had bought not one, but two bras that didn't fit.
One was technically a bra style swim suit top, but that doesn't make me feel any better.

I have fallen prey to my old ways!
Alas, I am a fallen woman.

Any tips on how to avoid the pull of such items? The cute, the beautiful, but ill fitting?
May the bra Gods smite me where I stand.


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