Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Hiatus, It Was Beach Time

Sorry for the gap in posts again, I was on vacation.
It was AWESOME, thanks for asking.
I was in San Diego for a few days, enjoying the sun, and the beach.
Also, the wonderful abundance of lady lumps.
You know what they say. California girls, you wish they all could be California girls.

HAHA, who thought I was gonna make a Katy Perry reference?
I'm old skool, don't hate.
But, to appease you, here's a picture of Katy Perry rocking a swimsuit.

Picture from thefablife.com
 Is that underboob?

Also, does anyone know if California has a topless beach? I want to go to one, really bad. Unless there's lots of moobs. I guess I could always go to Malmö.
Off to google topless beaches!


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