Thursday, January 19, 2012

Woman Saved From Deathly Car Crash by, You Guessed it, Boobs.

I'm on a roll her people!
I think this might be the theme for January, "Woman who've had their lives saved in one way or another by bras or boobs."
Anyhow, on to the story.

Lisa Somerville had always been flat chested.

And at 28, she had taken to wearing "chicken fillets" in her bra to boost her confidence. (Not actual pieces of chicken, it's little things you put in your bra to make them look bigger. Duh.)
But she never guessed they might save her life in May, 2009.
Picture from
Pictured above with her current breast enhancement is Lisa herself.

She was driving in the rain in Glasgow, when her car collided head on with another car. The accident was so bad, Lisa had to be cut from the vehicle and taken to the hospital, where she was treated for a punctured lung, four broken ribs and a broken nose.

But due to the fact that she was "doubling up", wearing two of the fillets in each cup, the impact was cushioned enough to prevent her ribs from puncturing her heart.

If you click here, and scroll down, you can see what they looked like after the crash. Not good, spoiler alert.

Now, I don't like fillets, I think they're creepy, and what the inside of fake boobs look like, but if they save lives, I guess they aren't that bad. I tried a pair on one time, and I almost died laughing.

Good times.
Anyhow, look for more posts about something boob related saving lives!

It's a theme now!


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