Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another Woman Saved From Certain Death by Bras.

Remember the lady who was saved from getting stabbed by her husband and probably dying because of her implants? I mean, she still got stabbed, but she's alive, and that's pretty awesome.
If she had boob insurance, that whole thing probably would have gone over a lot better.

And the lady who got shot and probably would have died, but then didn't because her bra was like, "YOU SHALL NOT PASS. (BULLET.)"

Well, yet another lady has been saved from the danger that's all around us by her bra.

In August 2008, a 26 year old barmaid, Vicky Parsons, was on break in her car with the window down when two hooligans with bandanas tried to rob her. One of these douchebags had a knife, and Vicky received a cut on her hand fending them away.

While she was struggling, the kid tried to stab her, and while the blade did puncture her skin, the majority of the damage was received by the underwire of her bra catching the serrated knife's blade.

The kids ran off, and Vicky flagged down a car, and the kids (14 YEARS OLD) were caught, red handed. Knife handed?
I don't know. They caught them.

Freakin' kids, running around the UK with knives, threatening barmaids. 

Anyhow, she's totally fine, she was really excited her £6 Asda bra, which is like a cheap supermarket bra (only like 9 bucks American money) saved her freaking life. I'd be excited too.



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