Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Short Story About How My Christmas Was More Awesome Than Yours

Here's to hoping everyone had a great holiday season and New Year!

So, I have this friend, and she's basically awesome.
She's gorgeous and Asian, and just basically cooler than some (most/all) of your friends.
(No offense, it's just how it is.)

Anyways, she likes my blog, and knows how much I like boobs, so she basically gave me the awesomest asssortment of presents ever.

Hello kitty meets drinking meets boobs.
(New Year's theme anyone?)

I got:
A snazzy Hello Kitty key cover
Two, count 'em, two Hello Titty shot glasses
A box of gummy boobies, which were basically pretty yummy
A booby fishing lure
A drinking dice game
A drinking card game 

And here's a picture, in case you have a hard time imagining such awesomeness.

I love her, it's like she can read my mind.

That's all I have right now lovelies, but keep an eye out for more later.
And try not to beat yourselves up because my friends are more awesome than yours.
It happens!

That's right, I can hold shot glasses with my boobs.


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