Monday, September 12, 2011

Book Clubs, Now With More Toplessness

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Sorry, Tina Fey is just super hot.

Anyhow, a group of women from New York have started a public, topless, reading club.
The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society has range of members, with girls as young as 19, and as old as 42.

Alethea Andrews, spokesperson for the topless readers explained: "Guys lie around topless in the park all the time, while the girls around them are sweating in bras and shirts. That's just silly when the law says we can go topless the same as they can. The group's overall aim is for girls who want to take advantage of the legality of being topless in New York to be able to, while reading books."

She also went on to explain the general consensus from the public has been positive.
Uhm, duh?

"We thought we might have been told off, but it hasn't happened once, and the general reaction from the public has been positive. There have been a few nasty comments, but in person it's all been thumbs-ups and big smiles."

I would totally thumbs up a bunch of topless lady readers and/or join them.
Education and boobs.
What more could you need?



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