Monday, September 19, 2011

Maggie Q, She Burnt Her Boobs

Maggie Q is one of the assassins on Nikita, who also happens to be pretty hot.

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And, since she is playing an assassin, she shoots a lot of guns.
Prop guns mind you, but that stuff can be dangerous.

Quote, "I was filming a scene for Nikita a few days ago where I was shooting a gun. The bullets shot out to the right and one went into my bra, and I got boob burns."

She found the silver lining to the burn saying, "My boobs were so swollen I went up a cup size - not bad!"

This has got to be the most painful way to go up a cup size.
Please don't go shooting yourself in the boobs with prop guns to try and make your boobs bigger. There has to be some kind of health risk there.


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  1. Maggie Q
    No need to make any upgrades
    You're already terrific!!!