Friday, September 9, 2011

Kendra Wilkinson, She Would Eat Breast Milk Ice Cream

Not gonna lie, I don't really know who Kendra Wilkinson is.
And all Google can tell me is she wants to bite Beyonce's butt, she apparently used to date Hugh Hefner, and she's drank her own breast milk before.

Wait, what?
Yes folks, you read that right. Apparently when she went to her first party after giving birth to her son, she started to leak. This is rather normal for women who have recently had babies, but what is not normal is breastfeeding yourself.

"My first party after giving birth to Hank, I went to Eve nightclub in Vegas and my boobs started leaking. I couldn't do anything so I breastfed myself. And it tasted sweet, too!"

Maybe she should visit London and get some lovely breast milk ice cream.

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I just can't help but find it a little weird.
I guess she's already had it once before in her life anyways, right?


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